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TOA provides Blended Learning (BL) – Classroom, E Learning (Web-based), Shop Floor Assistance in a two (2) phase approach, as follows:

  • Phase I:         Development of the BL Program
  • Phase II:        Implementation of the BL Program

Within this phased approach, TOA provides BL Assistance in the following areas:

  • Overall management of the Training Program.
  • Galvanizing Line Processes and Products.
  • Operation of Equipment.
  • Process and Equipment-specific Safety Issues.
  • Basic Maintenance Procedures including changing of Rolls and Pot Equipment.
  • Web Based Training on Process Fundamentals and Zinc Bath Management

Objectives of the Assistance:

  • Provide Operator BL required; successfully achieving Commissioning, Startup and Product Development targets for the new facility.
  • Provide a training legacy of structured modules and accomplished trainers, which ensures a high and consistent level of ongoing learning.

Phase I:  Development of the Training Program

This Phase has four (4) major objectives:

  • Define the learning required for each operating position, including duration, content, structure and delivery.
  • Develop the Modular BL Program in conjunction with employees, providing for the training needs of the company and complementing the Pay and Progression System.  The Training Program is developed as two subsets:
    • Core Training (9 courses) is provided to all personnel and focus’s on process knowledge, product quality, safety & health, team building, problem solving, etc.
    • Job Specific Training (26 courses) is provided to selected employees depending upon job function, and includes process and equipment specific training modules.
  • Develop a group of employees into a training team capable of drafting and delivering the various courses within the Training Program.
  • Provide a “Training Legacy” that will enable employees to deliver this Training Program in the future without external trainers (wherever practical and possible).  This “Training Legacy” incorporates a “library” of training course modules consisting of at least one hard and one printable electronic copy of each course delivered by TOA.

Phase II:  Implementation of the Training Program

This Phase has two (2) major objectives:

  • TOA delivers the BL modules (23 courses) which TOA is the “Course Development Lead” to the client’s employees (including a member of the “Commissioning Team”) one time.  The “Commissioning Team” provides instruction to all remaining employees.
  • The client delivers the training modules (12 courses) in which the client is the “Course Development Lead” to the employees (including a member of the ”Commissioning Team”) as required.

The Implementation Phase of this proposal provides the in-house training capabilities of the client that are sufficient to meet their long-term training needs and permits employees to become an integral component of the Training Legacy.

TOA works with the client to implement the Training Program.  TOA provides the core Training Team consisting of a training Co-ordinator/ Specialist and up to four (4) Technical Specialists specifically assigned to the project.  This team forms the nucleus of the Training Program of the TOA Training Team to support the trainers from the client.

Prior to cold commissioning, a sufficient number of the client operations staff (a minimum of one (1) person per position per shift) have been trained to function as the core experienced staff and executes the cold and hot commissioning phases.

The Training Program is intimately tied to both the construction and start-up (commissioning) of the plant.  The final training schedule is determined during Phase I.

Training is delivered using conventional classroom and hands-on training.  The Program includes all facets of the process, operation and maintenance, including the “product quality” aspects of the system.
The key activities of Phase II are:

  • Schedule all training including coordination of hands-on experience in other facilities, vendor training, etc.
  • Delivery of training modules.

Project Organization

  • TOA supplies a Training Coordinator/Galvanizing Specialist full time for the duration of this project (9 months) and is the primary contact with the client.  The aforementioned also co-ordinate the client's Training Program since the two projects complement each other in terms of timing, content and training personnel. 
  • Similarly, the client provides a Primary Contact to work full time with the TOA training coordinator throughout the project. 
  • The Training Coordinator/Galvanizing Specialist manages the Training Program and leads an integrated training team comprising both TOA and the client’s employees and specialists.  The size and make up this team will vary during different stages of the project.  Team size, content and function is determined.



On-site Weeks per Specialist

On Site

One (1) Team Leader

8 8

Two (2) Operations/Process Specialists

26 52

Two (2) Maintenance Specialists

26 52

Total on-site Assistance provided




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